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Having trouble with new account

I had errors occurring through the entire account creation process. Some where base http server errors, while a few others were js based (like the alert when trying to click the 'Verify Email' button).

Eventually I received the account confirmation email, yet when I get to the confirmation page and provide the email address which I signed up with, I am told "That claim check is not valid."

I waited an hour or so, just in case the site was having some temporary issues. However, the problem is still occurring.

Is this known? Should I be doing something different?

Thanks in advance

I'd recommend logging on as a guest and 'xhelp ' to get admin attention so that you can get help with this one.

Okay. Thanks for the advice.

I'm having the same problem but the xhelp was useless

I (one of several admins) connected an hour or two after your xhelps, I'm sorry I missed you. There were other admin on at the time but they were away-from-keyboard.

Since I don't know your email address or game login, I can't reach directly out to you to offer help right now, but:

On the website you can use the "@who" link in the site-navigation to see if admins are online and un-idle (admins are the ones with a letter to the left of their website username). This might help you choose a time to try again.

Also you can email help@sindome.org with your details (account name, email address, etc) and we can probably help that way too.

Oh, I found you. And I see that you logged in to the game eight minutes after you posted the message here :)

I guess you figured it out without a response over xhelp.

Game on!