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got tips?

Hey all.

I'm looking to use an ikonboard for one of the websites I'm creating at the moment, but so far all I've done is download the stuff from http://www.ikonboard.com and stare at it like a deer in the headlights.
I mean - I may not know much of anything about web-based applications or cgi or blablah all that...but do they REALLY have to make it so complicated?
I'll figure it out eventually, but would appreciate any tips that people more experienced with using it could give. Do I need to have server space and a domain name before I can start messing with options on it?

me = totally lost, but working on it.

..give me some sugar...I AM your neighbor!...

(sorry that just popped into my head, the real post ended 3 lines ago, so stop reading)
(okay, fine... an example then.)
(is it really necessary to have this as the opening line? I know it's trying to say -something- but you know its bad when you start reading an english sentence like you would read one in chinese..where you just blank out words you dont know and focus on the ones you do...)

"If you have CHMOD all your files correctly and your iB_html is NOT in your cgi-bin, and you are ready to proceed, then you should have pulled up the URL for your installer.cgi or pl file. "

Meh?     !@_@!
help please.

Hey there, my first post in a while, so feel special.

Firstly, I'd recommend phpbb instead of ikonboard, especially considering how ikonboard is worse than it used to be in design in my view. You can get it from http://www.phpbb.com.

Unless you want to tinker about with it as a lan setup (which can just be only your PC), you'll need web space and some form of domain name.

All you do is upload all the files, and chmod (either using the ftp client, or asking your host to), certain shared files that will be specified by the install doc, to 777 or 666, which will bassically change it from read only to writeable.
If you get the .tar phpbb file I think that you don't have to do the chomoding because the file attributes are already set correctly, unlike the .zip version (something to do with .zip?).

Then all you generally do is point your browser to the install file once it's uploaded, install it, remove the install directory (for security purposes) and it's done. Then you just tinker with it using it's admin web gui thingey, all pretty simple once you get in tune with the way it all works.
I don't know about cgi, I much prefer php (what pgpbb runs off) but I think what that quote is saying is to make sure that an iB_html file is not in your cgi binary (a location on the web server where the code is in binary form), after you have uploaded all the files and changed some from read only (using chmod). After that you just point your web browser to the install file called installer.cgi. Fuck know's what the pl file is. I'm probably all wrong regarding the cgi stuff, but I gave it a shot right?

Anyway, good luck to you.

If you want to see what phpbb (albeit a postnuke version) go to http://smalt.danielhoughton.co.uk and then to the forum there.
Once you get a forum up you may want to play with a CMS (content management system), of which I would recommend postnuke, which can be found at http://www.postnuke.com. That's what I use to run that site by the way :).

Anyway, I'm rambling.

(Edited by Protagonist at 11:59 pm on Dec. 13, 2003)

Yeah, ikonboard used to be simple to install. They got bighead syndrome when an actual company bought them.