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Sindo.me Upgra.de
15,500+ links shortened since 2013!

Our fancy webclient has built-in integration with our Sindo.me link shortener. Its shortened some 15,550 (and counting) links for you since it debuted over christmas 2012.

This app was originally thrown together in just an hour and has held up reasonably well. A number of months back, we had some issues with it and we realized it needed to be refactored.Today, a lot of the code has been repackaged, cleaned up and is using a different key generator entirely. You'll notice the difference between the urls, the new keys being 9 characters instead of 6 and having a broader set of characters. All the old links should continue working without a problem and you don't even really need to notice this if I've done shit right.

This is great. Thank you!