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Slight problem on the geopolitical map
A couple cities seem misplaced

Someone seems to have mixed something up in Canada. The spot marked Montreal is where Québec City should be, and the spot marked Ottawa is where Montreal should be. Toronto seems roughly in the right place, though it should probably be a little further south.

In real life, Ottawa is fairly close to Montreal and given the relatively large dots for cities on the map, they'd appear practically next to each other. But yeah, clearly the spot marked Montreal is where Québec City belongs. Just looking at things on Wikipedia should make the problem clear. Basically:

- The dot marked "Montreal" should be marked "Québec" or "Québec City"

- The dot marked "Ottawa" should be marked "Montreal".

- Optionally, Toronto could be moved just a bit to the south.

- A new dot marked "Ottawa" should be placed between Montreal and Toronto, but closer to Montreal.

It's not really important, but since I live in that area, it struck me immediately. That said, the change in water level between today and the map makes it a bit hard to judge, so it's not impossible I'm just misjudging things. However, unless someone confirms that everything is where it's supposed to be, it really looks to me like a mistake.

And that's not where Las Vegas is either but it's close enough that people get the idea.

Main thing is that unlike Neo York (which is a "newly" constructed city) and Boston which is behind tidal walls, or Le Nouveau Rouge (new/reconstructed), these other cities have, for the most part, remained around where they are today. Expansion, etc., can shift location a little but it's so we get a general idea.

That's how I perceive the map at least.

Also, read the timeline.

There is some additional data there. :)

I understand that the whole thing isn't meant to be all that accurate (which is also why I think it's not particularly important to move Toronto; it's arguably in the wrong place, but not nearly enough that it really matters) but I guess what really seems weird to me is that it looks like someone just made a mistake and put Montreal where Québec City should be and Ottawa where Montreal should be. If you look at a map, the dots seem to be in all the right places and just have the wrong names next to them, which is why it seems like a mistake to me and not just a result of precision not being that important.

I'm already looking at the timeline, coming up with a history for my character is taking a bit of work, but thanks for the advice and the welcome!

Actually, I think the map was made by a Canadian...

Actually, I think the map was made by a Canadian...

I suddenly have the desire to make Canada be wiped out by Mecha Polar Bears fighting against climate change.

Cerb, that made me laugh.

I don't think I've ever referred to my character's location on a map such that it had to be explained. "My character is from X place." "Oh? Where's that?" "Canada." "Okay." I've never explained it as, "X place hair north of Y place and Z place is supposed to be over here but they got it wrong on the map so it's missing."

Also, it's Canada. Maybe they switched the cities and it didn't make the timeline because no one noticed. Canadians are sneaky like that.

Canadians are very sneaky.

Look how many infiltrated the US with their music (just an example) or even their acting. Michael J. Fox and then Colin Ferguson (Eureka). Tricia Helfer from the remake of Battlestar Gallatica (and Burn Notice & Jeremiah [Yes, I've seen the first season of that]) is Canadian. Enough said.

Sneaky sneaky.