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Upcoming Website Changes
correcting past mistakes for glorious future


For a long time now, you've logged into the game and the website with the same information. This was originally done to keep things simple. You're one object in the game, everything goes through that.

This has had several consequences:

- the moo needs to be up

- you need to be connected to the MOO to login to the website

- from the same IP address. (think home network + cellular)

- and disguises will $#@%^@ up your ability to login

- we rely on an inadequate password system inherit to the MOO

- website activity can affect MOO performance

Many of you have experienced some of these consequences.


End Goals:

- website login & bgbb posting without the MOO being up

- website login & bgbb posting without being on the MOO

- improved security for both the website and the MOO

- separation of player from character

- vacation characters listed under the same account

- significantly reduce website activity impact on MOO performance

To reach these end goals, we're putting the following changes into place:

- new website accounts, separate from your moo account

- log into website with your -email- and secure password

- be known on the website as your 'nickname'

- existing bgbbnames will be reserved nicknames

- associate your character with your website account

- be granted website resources based on permissions of your characters

- self-service password management for both website and MOO

- blowfish / bcrypt encryption - super secure now and in the dark future

- single click webclient integration (login and click 'play now')


For existing players, you'll be creating a new account too. Your BgBB Name will become your visible name on the website. In order for you to claim your BgBB Name when you signup, you'll need to register using the same email address you used when you created your character. You can see this email address by typing the @email command. You can reserve your BgBB Name today by using the @bgbbname command.

As of now, existing players must signup for a website account. Moving forward, this will be separate from your character(s).

When claiming an existing BgBB Name, check your @email and @bgbbname on the moo to make sure you've spelled it the same way. If you know for a fake your bgbbname should work, don't hesitate to xhelp.