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Updates to @WHO
No more character names.

@WHO no longer shows your character name, it shows your website name. In some cases, for the time being there may be player names this is temporary.

If you have any questions xhelp.

If you see your character's name instead of your website name (bgbb name), Go up to Manage Characters under your name in the upper right corner of this page (assuming you're logged into the website). Under your character, click the link 'Have another character not listed here' and re-claim your character. This will sync the needed data to fix your @who appearance.

I think it's a cool feature removing the actual character name from the @who.

But is this to reduce meta? Because I think eventually people will associate characters with their BgBB names anyway.

I think it would be awesome to just have a broken down @who.

8 players active in the last 30 minutes.

16 players idle.

4 admins currently online.

Entirely removing names and making people rely on IC methods of determining who is online.

I too agree with Pocketface's idea of a broken down @who. Then you can't type @who after an action is performed to make the connection of who did it. Only change I'd make to this plan is to not put the number of admin on, that way people aren't like O.o no admin on, time to do fuck-boy shit.

There comes a point where a line needs to be drawn. We can reduce and make getting meta info more difficult but if you guys keep being friends off-moo and knowing things like when you work and what times you normally game, there's no way to completely prevent it. Self Police!

So, three thoughts.

Except during the most non-busy times, the meta concerns wouldn't have been so intense if the @who hadn't reported times down to the second.

And, hiding character names means that idle time is less likely to be "forgiven". If someone's "awake" according to SIC, but behaving like they're ignoring calls and coms, but the player who's being ignored knows the character's been idle for 17 hours, then they're less likely to react to it ICly. For better or for worse? You decide.

Finally, this means that the web options under @profile are meaningless now? Since there's no way to reach the web profile anymore, for those players who choose to publish some amount of web @profile detail.

I think @profile should just link bgbb name and display your permed characters along with some other OOC info.

@profile will be transitioning to a pure web thing at some point as we continue to separate you from your characters.

Pardon our dust as we remodel ... slowly. :)

As for people ignoing SIC and calls -- In real life I routinely ignore calls, texts, FB messages from friends when I'm busy doing something else, like playing Sindome, watching TV, or you know, working. They don't have a method of seeing if I am asleep, or idle really... and the world doesn't end. They can check my facebook, sure, but they aren't going to freak out if I don't answer. That's why Progia-11's have text messaging and missed calls.

The other thing someone could do if they want to let people know they aren't playing the game is #1 change there SIC alias to something random or you know, disconnect.

New accounts who haven't set a board name still show up on @who with the actual character name, FWIW.