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Attention, playerbase!

Friends, Withmore citizens, countrymen.

It has recently come to my attention that stupid shit is happening.

Allow me to elaborate, or this post will make no sense.

Numerous players seem to be checking @who from login, then not logging in because there aren't many players on at a given time. Those of you doing it may think you're the only one, but you ain't.

So here's what happens. There's like 10 people on the MOO. One of you checks @who from the login screen. Sees there's only 10 (or 7 or 2 or whatever) and doesn't log in.

Then the next player shows up and does the same. And doesn't log in. And so on, and so forth.

See, by not logging in because there aren't many players at a given time, you're perpetuating the problem of there not being many players at a given time. It's cyclical, it's a problem that is perpetuating itself because each of you think you're the only one doing it.

So. Recently the idle timer has been set to 24hrs. If you have time to log on, just fucking log on. You need to do laundry, take a giant putrid shit, or whatever else? Fine. Do it! But be logged on, because then others will log on, and soon we will ALL BE LOGGED ON.

At this point one of two things will happen:

1) A singularity event in which we are all joined into one entity. I know you all want to be joined with me since I'm so goddamn fantastic. So there's nothing to lose.

2) A whole slew of people are on, and we all get to RP with each other and shoot each other and staple each other and whatever other kinky shit the kids are into today. Again, everyone wins.

Keep in mind - more people logged in, means guests get to see our actual player numbers, which means they roll, which means the playerbase grows, too. So. Please. Fucking log on. Even if it's just you. More will come. That's how it works.

Break the cycle of stupid fucking shit!


Y'all join me in welcoming our new pseudo-admin bitch... I mean "admin helper". Guardian!

You won't necessarily see him performing typical GM duties as he's asked not to be given GM/admin powers, but he's on hand to monitor xhelp, assist newbies, promote the game and generally do some good around the place.

He raises a good point that hasn't been publicly announced as far as I know, the idle timer is now set to 24 hours so you're more than welcome to idle in game. We will be adjusting the UE cycle so you won't get awarded UE if you're more than 60 mins idle when it fires, so effectively there'll be nothing gained by idling other than an increased presence.

That gives me a great idea for my next character.  His name is Idle!  Can you guess what he does for fun?

Anyone notice they all look British? :P

Quote: from Lujan on 12:11 am on Dec. 19, 2011[br]Anyone notice they all look British? :P

One might even think they're all the same guy...