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Connect to Sindome @ moo.sindome.org:5555 or just Play Now

Beta Testers Wanted: Darwin
come fly with me, and die with me!

You played FreeSky, now come test out my latest creation, Darwin. My client, Constant Sum Games, is seeking your feedback as you evaluate the play experience and bugginess of my work.

What is Darwin?

Darwin is a Descent-style multi-player space shooter where everybody enters the arena at the same time with the same amount of energy. The goal is to destroy the other players by draining the energy from their ship.

Firing your weapons (only one available right now) consumes an amount of current energy (which recharges at a constant rate). Each shot that damages an opponent will drain an amount of energy relative to how long you've charged the weapon (among other factors) and will give your ship that energy. If your maximum energy drops below 0, you go boom!

Up to ten of you can play at once, so please talk over OOC-Chat to find some people to play with and go to sindome.org/darwin/ to play the game.

Please post questions, problems and complaints here.

Shooting stuff in a box!
No for realz I'll go play it now....

The launch button is covered up by the unity watermark.

Closed FF tab during live network game and crashed latest version of FF.

Display was choppy for me.

Doh! The watermark ... I don't see it on the Mac. How lame of me!

My '?' key always quits the game... :mad:

teleporting players due to lag are a bit of a problem too :P

(Edited by Xeethot at 6:49 pm on May 14, 2008)

[Johnny: says the guy from Brazil who can still play!]