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Grapple Force Rena: A game I made!
A serialized browser game where you can swing around!

Hello, everyone! Apologies to my regular RP partners on Sindome; I've been super busy lately, much more than usual, because I just launched... this!


This is my game, Grapple Force Rena! You can play it right in your browser, no download needed, and is designed to where it'll update every couple of weeks with new levels that tell more of the game's story. It's not exactly Cyberpunk (in fact, I'd wager it's about as close to the opposite of Cyberpunk as you can get, at least in tone), but I'd really appreciate if everyone could give it a look, since I worked really hard on it!

I'm also running a Kickstarter campaign for it as well (https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/battlejenkins/grapple-force-rena) and I'm offering some fun rewards, like posters and character sketches, if you like the game enough! I'd really appreciate any support or any help getting the word out!

I do love grappling :0 I'll check it out. :)