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I'm sorry
My words were disgusting

As many of you saw this morning I was attacked on OOC chat.  I would like to issue a full apology to the entire Sindome staff and playerbase for the way I responded to that attack.  I made myself look like an ass, and responded in a way that no reasonably intelligent, mature adult should.   No one that saw it can say I was unprevoked tho.  

I would also like to take this opportunity to give a heartfealt thanks to the entirety of the staff and playerbase for all of the effort and hours you have put in making this game what is.  Thank you all for the many years of (mostly) enjoyable gaming.

Shit man, I'm the one that owes you an apology. I could have chastised you in a less profane way.

Sorry for being so terribly rude over it.

Hell! I half enjoy getting chastized by you J-Man.  But your job should be coder, not babysitter.   Your apology is unnecessary but thank you all the same.

I saw you dissing mah crew's hardwork and had to represent.

Yes, sometimes what comes out of my mouth amazes me even more than what comes out of others.

Better your mouth than your ass, Jotun.

*cackles, his eyes lighting up with mad glee!*