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Ideas for the BgBB
Didn't know where else to post this.

I would like to suggest to add the functions to the BgBB to edit your posts and to quote the posts of others. I think it would be helpful for keeping track of what people say when having discussions and to soften the edges of your post be there typos, or reading it afterwards and wanting to change the way you word it, etc.

Honestly, I am surprised that this hasn't been implemented already. Or maybe it exists and I am just too dull to find it. :p

I second this and am probably also too dull.

We used to use ikonboard which was a peice of junk to maintain - I believe Johnny created the new bgbb from node.js and it just simply lack the current feature. The question is - would you rather have bgbb features or Moo features?

I wrote the boards for MVP functionality (minimal viable product). We haven't really improved on them much since.

These features would indeed be nice.