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Logs Wanted
Imma make some art

Do any of you have logs saved somewhere with Sici involved? I want to make an Internet art piece involving her, but being lazy and forgetful, I have very few logs of my own with her in them. I will be purging any sensitive data from the logs before putting them up, so don't worry about trusting me with sensitive info. I'm a good enough player to not use metadata, not that I'd be able to use it even if I wanted to.

To send me stuff, my email is trevazoid@gmail.com. Thank you all so much for being so great. This game has been life-changing, for better or for worse, and I want to be able to express that. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Walk safe.

Sounds like you should be more conscious of saving stuff about your current character? Seems taboo to have people sending IC info that you don't remember right now.

Yeah, this runs afoul of sharing IC information OOCly, sorry.

While I don't know if the webclient supports it, if you can, why not set up your client to automatically log? It's a chore to navigate, but it's better than forgetting to log.

If you use a phone/tablet, take a look into Mukluk.

It saves logs and you can rename it to the date/etc. and then a new log will automatically be made and saved. (I use this sometimes.)

If webclient, then just gotta remember to save before you close the tab.