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I'm trying to learn how macros work. My searches on the boards are pointing me to in game help files. When I use help @macro or @macro-help I get the index, but I'm not getting anything past that when I do @macros-help triggers or other commands. Am I missing a command or a board post that would help me learn?

Also, what is the difference between a server side and client macro? I was trying to set up a macro to go from a cube to a terminal, but it wouldn't close the door. When I asked on xm, I was told it wasn't allowed. I'm still clueless, so any guidance would be appreciated.

I think slither deleted this thread before but I'll do this instead.


I believe the answer is already up here somewhere, make sure you look through the existing topics on macros. If not, someone will come along and help I'm sure. :)

Hey Meoris, help on macros is a little scant but I'll be happy to add my 2 cents.

What macros can do

Macros are ideal for a quick, ordered succession of specific commands that can be tedious to type or that need absolute precision in time-critical moments like combat. One example of the former is to enter a succession of commands to get dressed. For the latter, the most typical is a macro with a very brief name to draw a weapon from a holster, sheath or scabbard after opening them. As in:

open 1st holster

Get magnum from 1st holster

Say You want a piece of me boy?!

What macros can't do

Anything that requires a pause or more complex conditions than a one time string trigger won't do. So a macro for opening your door, getting out, then closing the door behind you after exiting is not going to work.

Automatic macros

After choosing the desired commands to execute, you can optionally specify a string of text as a trigger to fire your macro. As soon as the text appears on screen (even in OOC-chat or Game-Help) the macro will trigger. Caution is advised! Sometimes your macro can trigger in a bad moment! Such as one to auto-answer calls, which fires while sneaking and getting said call. Never name a macro with the string that triggers it!

Client and game macros

Client sided macros are not allowed. Why is this? They are usually very articulate and powerful and can grant you an unfair advantage over players that use the web client -- particularly in combat! No matter, the 20 macros slot limit from the web client will be enough for your needs.

Some good examples I use or know

-Answering the phone and wielding it;

-Changing your @temp_place when arriving at work;

-Drawing a weapon after opening the container;

-Inputting your door code, opening said door, and entering your home;

-Getting on a bike, starting the engine, then accelerating once/twice/thrice;

-Picking from the ground a particular outfit and wearing it in a particular order;

-Getting into a suit of armor; or getting out of it;

-Opening a wallet, taking out money for the lev, then closing the wallet;

-Unloading a firearm, reloading with the next magazine.

Hope this helps!

Thanks, Kuzco, that's the type of thing I've been trying to find out. I'm still not sure what I'm doing wrong with the in game help files.

I think Kuzco's post should be a helpfile in its own...


At the risk of revealing my secrets...I still have no idea how to create a macro.

Asking for help on xgame is the preferred method of finding out this kind of info.