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Merry Christmas

And a happy new year.

Happy Hanukkah!

Today might be pretty lame for me this year, but hopefully all you cool people get to do cool stuff today! Happy Holidays!

Oh it's lame for me too don't worry. Let's spend lame holidays we don't observe together on SD! ^.^

Happy Holidays, guys!

Merry Christmas. Happy Second Day of Chanukkah.

And, belatedly:

Blessed Yule, happy Solstice, happy (especially belated) Saturnalia, and happy Festivus.

And if I missed your winter holiday, happy that too!

Merry Christmas, all.

Or with a bit of attitude somewhat fitting for IC SD, Merry fucking Christmas, choombatas & choobs.

Hanukkah started late this year, so Happy Hanukkah as well.

Catch you later. :)


Happy Holiays to all!

Got an interesting looking game from my Brother In Law today called VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartender Action. Pretty interesting looking and I look forward to trying it out. The JRPG isn't my thing but I'm gonna give it a go when I finish installing Wasteland 2. Who knows? Might be able to tap a new well of inspiration from it.

@Fultal: It's thematically and aesthetically pleasing and has a pretty nice soundtrack, even if it's essentially anime waifubait stuff. I played it while stuck in the hospital for a couple of months and it was good for passing the time.

Oh, also, Merry Chrimbo, etc.