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MudVerse is a Mud Listing site..

Hey Guys -

As some of you may know we have been developing a mud listing site called Mud Verse. �We're just about ready to launch it. �The core functionality is there, we've gone through a few rounds of testing..

But now we need your help. �You can't have a Mud Listing site without Listings.. so.. I was hoping to enlist you all to add your favorite games to the site, or write reviews. �Adding a listing takes 5 minutes or so.

It would be a big help for us in launching the site. �(It's good advertising for Sindome too, as we have a Sindome banner on top of every page.)

I'm going to work my Search Engine magic and get us into the top ten of Google within a month or two.. but part of that is having good content on the site.. so, please add any MUDs/MOOs/etc you have the required information about to the site.

We are also still testing and working on features so if you encounter any bugs please shoot me an e-mail �bbutts@stormcode.net

<a href="http://www.mudverse.com/">MudVerse.com</a>

(Edited by Slither at 1:01 pm on Mar. 23, 2009)

You guys consider hosting boards and a variety of popular mud codebases?

kyndig.com used to do all that stuff. It was a really good resource that shutdown several months back.

You mean like hosting the codebases for people to download?

Yeah, there's a good a deal of them out there.

That's a good idea.  I'll add that to phase II.  I still need you guys to contribute if you can.  I haven't played other MUDs long enough to write anything near a good listing for the ones I have played.

Oh, Reefer, if you want to put together the info for the Mud Codebase page, we'll put a link to your site (if you have one) or some other promotional thing on there.  It's up to you.

Hey Guys -

I still need people to post their favorite Muds / Tick (browser) based games on Mudverse.com !

We are currently ranked #5 if you search google for 'Mud Listings' but we only have a few games listed.  If you have another Mud or Tick game you play, list it on MudVerse or tell the owners to list it!

Sindome has a permanent banner on MudVerse, so if it gets more popular it's free advertising for us!



This website is the bomb, I was checking it out over the weekend and it will make a great way to advertize sindome.  Yay for fresh meat!  muhahahah.  

Unfortunately this is pretty much the only game I play, so I don't have alot to contribute to the site.   I did play that Vile City one for a while, maybe someone that still plays it should add that?  

Vile City is cool.  Definitely the best CP tick based game I've seen.  I'm not a huge fan of tick based games, I know Bixby used to love them.

I play quite a few tick-based games.  But yea, the point of this post was to laugh at the posting frenzy Slither went on!

It had to be done.  Take a few of your favs and post them on Mudverse.com!