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New Player

New here but I have to say the website is what really drew me in on first visit. I did a little tour as a guest but haven't made a character yet. Just reading up on the process and the newbie stuff and will likely make something in a few hours after I wake up.

Looking forward to having some fun.

Welcome to Sindome then!

I think the credit for the new Website pretty much goes to Jinx; so good job him.

I bet you'll like what you see at first, just don't get distracted by all the small details. The game can be confusing for new players, but if you invest a few hours things quickly become clearer as you're getting a feeling for the theme.

I hope you'll have as much fun playing as the dedicated playerbase has!

For new players there are a lot of systems in place to help them out, like the 'help' command, the Game-Help channel where you can get basic gameplay help and ask about stuff that will help you create an interesting character. As a last resort you can always contact one of the GMs with the xhelp command, they'll help you out if they've got the time. If you're interested in general information in the dystopia that is Sindome and Withmore, try the "Lore" link at the top. You'll also find inspiration that will help you shaping your character on the page.

Enjoy your stay!

Thank you for the info! I'll certainly check out everything I can as I've never played this theme of MUD before.

Welcome to the thunderdome, bitch!

Hey Ineed help I am new.

you can use the command "xhelp " when you log in as a guest to contact admins, and you can email help@sindome.org too.

Good luck and welcome!

Sorry, that didn't spell out right.

xhelp <message>

Hey I'm new as well. Thought I may as well say that given the topic.

I should be expecting to die soon by the look of it. XD

Depends on how you play your cards :P

I should also note, you can also seek help from players. When you log in, use 'xgame ' command to reach out to anyone with the game-help channel on. We're all typically friendly out of character, and the amount of player support in the game is staggering, as long as we aren't asked about IC questions.

Anything out of character, though, we try our very best to answer. Usually, even for obscure questions, someone out there knows the answer and is more than willing to share it.

Expect to die if you actively provoke a likely violent reaction from a (PC, NPC, creature, robot, etc) or if you wantonly disregard obvious signs of danger (read room, exit and object descriptions carefully before you enter/go though/touch them)

It's not hat all hard to survive long enough to know what chances are worth taking and what shit is worth stirring.

So in other words- common sense prevails...

Erm it was Johnny that did the new website. I just helped a bit with content.

Common sense does indeed prevail when it comes to survival. The game is pretty good about giving environmental hints that something is dangerous (and in a few cases, it outright tells you that doing something would be terribly harmful at best). Between those factors and not ticking off folks who have money and/or power, it's not a death trap around every corner or anything like that.