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New Staff Applications
Now accepting applicants

Staff is now accepting applications in search of some new staff to bring on board. The game has grown and so have some of you newbie players, and I'm sure the game would be grateful to have an extra pair of hands as things go. Real life has changed for some GM's so they aren't around as much and leaves an open window for new applicants. If you are interested:

Applicants should email their applicaion to help@sindome.org and tell us the following:

- Why you would make a good GM?

- What your free time to GM is (daily, weekly)?

- What your previous/current experience GMing might be?

- What takes up the majority of time in your life (work, school, family, Sindome) and how that might change in 2 years?

- What is your fondest RP memory? (tell us the story here)

We welcome applications from anyone who may have applied in the past but was unsuccessful at that time.

Your applications will be shared with the staff and will help them determine who the best fit for the team is. Expect one or three in-moo interviews as the process goes.

That's right! We are looking for new blood for the staff, preferably players who have experienced with SD and storytelling. The game could really use an extra set of hands or two, so if you love SD and want to volunteer to help it keep running then please send you application to help@sindome.org answering the questions above. Thank you.

Bumping this.

Email application to help@sindome.org answering the above bullet points.

Please, serious applications only from people with significantly open schedules. We need people who can put hours in, not part-time GMs with full life-schedules as it is.

Thank you.

Bumping this again for some outlier roles:

- Jr Web Developer (aka Publisher) - writes help files & website content (including html snippets), manages and grows website content, publishes things to our social media

- Web Developer (aka Coder) - development of our Node.js apps including our main website, the webclient, grid 3.0 and a number of secondary proxy and worker apps. MOO side coding if desired too.

These are completely volunteer roles, as all our of Staff Member positions are, but we are glad to give appropriate professional recommendations for employment purposes. Experience can mean a lot more than education. :)

Click here to apply