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Newb Questions

So I've been reading everything I can get my hands on regarding the theme and the culture of the game. There's a pretty significant learning curve, but so far I'm really enthusiastic about this game. It seems to be dead on what I've been looking for out of a text-based RP game for years. So, kudos and huzzah.

I've got a whole list of notes on NPC interaction, RP, tips and @notes already, but if there are any threads I should absolutely, definitely check out, please feel free to point me towards them. There's a TON to dig through.

A few questions that aren't answerable IC (as far as I can see):

I'm a little confused on how my character entered Dome. The backstory is that she was born elsewhere and drug there as a kid. Are all new characters outsiders? Children clearly exist, but the initial entrance into the game makes it feel like they are being drug in for the first time.

Any tips on not completely borking her navigation of a world she should be at least somewhat familiar with as a stumbling newb? (Let's not talk about how long I poked/examined/glowered at my cube door in an attempt to sort the lock mechanism. I'm still adjusting to mobs that respond intelligently).

What basic facts should someone whose been living in the Dome for the past decade know? The timeline exclusively? Or are there other common knowledge things she should just be aware of.

Thanks. (And extra thanks to a couple of folks who have been putting up with my stumbles and silly questions)

Mentally sorted how I'm handling my relative ignorance of All The Things, oh my sweet, sheltered little chicken.

Yes, new characters are immigrants to Withmore City. It's up to you to make up in your @history why your character left wherever and is now coming to Withmore. The Timeline section of the website and the map linked from it should help.

And the following topic contains some discussion about the new-player ignorance and how to navigate that with an IC character. My personal advice would be to point out that your character is as ignorant as you are, therefore IC ignorance is an RP motivator. In other words, your character can have reasons to ask ICly about things you don't OOCly know.


welcome, have fun

Hmm, that doesn't quite jibe with the history that's been approved. I can work around it, though.


@Saucy -

I had the bit about the kid thing too in my history and found out a short time later that that part of the history was a no go. Though that part is in my history still, I change the RP part about it so the character was heading to Withmore and into the city when I (the player) came to the city.

There is just too much data to learn in the game that you, the player, have to learn so it just goes along with your character also learning it at the same time. Easier that way too. Game is new to you so city and all the things to discover in it are new to your character. There are things and technology in the city that aren't outside the city and things outside the city that should be in it, but aren't or seem not to be.

It is packed too. Many people have seen in movies how crowded New York city is. That's only 8.4 million people. There are ~65 million people in Withmore.You came into the city, thrown in a temporary coffin and now it's time your character figures out what the hell is what in this city. (Just like you.) :)

Have fun.