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Newbie Question

So is there like colleges or schools in sindome so that if my character i wants to be a doctor he can receive an education to do so. Also so i prove to hospitals and such that i'm experienced on a resume.

My take on this is that a lot of things exist ambiently.

You're not going to RP going to college and doing homework (this isn't a real life sim)

but, your character could certainly study for whatever they want when you're logged off. No ones character just sleeps for hours and days when you're not playing. Imagine that your character works on skills, stats, studies, exercises, etc when you're logged off. Whatever you want to improve.

Yep, ambient college and schools.

When you're logged off, you are working or studying.

When you're logged on, that's when you do the special projects & RP. Like Myth put it. :)

Now, if you are talking about for history writing, you can choose a college that exsist today that would still exist in the Sindome future or make up a new one, subject to admin approval, of course.