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Optional Realities & Sindome


As some of you may be aware Sindome is listed on Optional Realities and even has its own sub-forum. The relationship doesn't end there however! The Optional Realities staff thanks Slither for writing an article for our weekly section which can be found here...


In addition to promoting the text-based RPG genre and providing weekly articles, Optional Realities will also be running monthly contests for cash prizes. Because we think you guys are cool and deserve nice things. This month (May 2015) is a game pitch contest. 600 words or less, do you think you can come up with something cooler than the people before you? Prove it!


I'll have to check it out later.

Optional Realities is holding a contest and we're invited!

The "Story Glimpse" Short Story Contest is open to all Sindome players (and staff). We're getting a late start on joining in, but we've got 2 weeks to come up with some great original stories set in the Sindome universe. You can even work together in groups! Nothing about any existing characters please.

Go check out the details here. Make sure you follow the rules and submit your story as a PDF to admin@optionalrealities.com.

Offering my proofreading services / advice to anyone submitting!

Yeeeesss.. I want to read unsung CP tales of Withmore like a neeeerd.. dooo it.

Any Sindome player who wins the Optional Realities short story contest will be granted a '6 month donation pad' or 6 month extension to your existing pad rent term. Any of the 3 prize winning places. Go write some short SD stories!

I am likely taking a crack at this for kicks.. Working on a very rough draft at the moment. Open to working with someone else as well.

I will be submitting one or two (if they have multiple submissions) short stories I have written. I won't be competing for a perma-pad though. I would love to employ the copy editing help though.

The rules don't explicit say that you can't do multiple submissions, however they do say that if you do group submissions you can't also do individual submissions, which would infer that you can't do multiple submissions.

Maybe it would be a good idea to tell the admins at OR to specify this in the rules because I've heard more than one prospect applicant considering the option of submitting multiple stories to boost their chances of winning.

I don't think that their forum topic where they announced the contest and spelled the rules out is locked. If you think asking for clarification is a good idea, there's no obstacle.

It was indeed locked from what I saw. I submitted two stories, but also mentioned that I would happily be in an 'non-competition' category as I would prefer that the players get the chance to compete. I just wanted to put my stuff out there for peeps to read! I also love the idea of getting a Sindome anthology reminiscent of Burning Chrome together. Is there an interest in something like that?

We can sell it on amazon for like $1.99 or less, all proceeds going to the game itself. Anyone else interested in that? If so, will start a topic for it.

An anthology?

Oh, that'd be fun. I like that.

Money for the servers! (etc)

So much yes, Slither.

Jeshin @ OR told me to tell you all, that the story contest thing is over and results will be up on the 1st! Looking forward to seeing those CP shorts get put up!! :D Good luck!

Congratulations to Slither and Karmaportrait for winning, and to all of us writers for submitting pieces!


The SD player base submitted a -lot- and I'm not surprised two winners came from here. At all. Massive kudos to everyone who entered.

Wow! We're like 50% of submissions you guys!

Unless any of the authors object (feel free to do so publicly or privately), I'd like to collect up all submissions and showcase them as a new Inspiration section for short stories by players.

Appropriate credit for authors and OR's contest. I can tell who some of the authors are, but I want to connect with each of you for permission and byline before I use your awesome stories.

Overtime, maybe we can grow an amazing collection of stories inspired and about our dark world!

So long as I can go back and give my story a proper proof reading pass at some point, I'm fine with it.

I had a great time reading the other submissions. A really great showing for SD.

Johnny - Feel free to use my story as you described.



No one has an excuse to not enter this one! It's a contest to showcase your character concept crafting skills! Dream up some dark and tortured CP hypothetical alts for fun and profit and ~~ SD publicity ~~

Squeeee! Hope you guys liked 'Mercy'.