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Other Art
Moar Drawings?

Something I recently noticed was that, while I've seen a lot of art around this forum of characters, banners and logos, I haven't seen very much (if any) art about the locations around the Dome.

Not necessarily complaining, just quite surprised that I haven't seen anyone take interest in pictures of the places and events in the city. The bars, the clubs and the UMC, topside during terrorist attacks and the Mix during Judge crackdowns.

I just wanted to point out all this potential that's here, in-case anyone was looking for inspiration.

Slither posted this video with some old-school art (might be over a decade old) with some places in the Dome as well as historical characters. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5yaVnImfxU0

I noticed that as well. I keep telling myself to try some ambient scenes at some point. But sure enough I see something shiny soon after, and quickly forget about it. Again.

Yay! I'm not the only one chasing after new shinies!

Not character art, so it totally fits here.

I doodled this a bit ago, but am gonna be doing a lot of stuff like this in the immediate future.

Awesome concept-work :D

I know this isn't a drawing. But that's mainly because I can't draw. But I can..Kind of...Write. A design bouncing about my head recently but uh...yeah I described it from the exterior. It's a ground based transport.

Made from the wrecked fuselage of what looks to be a Falcon 2000 private jet stands this hulk of a vehicle, its curved sleek body broken and bashed in many places. Pieces flake away from each panel of aluminium which is rusted so much in some places, you can see to the interior. 20 feet long from tip to tip this aero has been altered and modified beyond recognition, it lies on a limo chassis connected haphazardly with wires and cables that no one seems to have taken any care to hide. The axles have also been altered with ultra-strength metal to support massive all terrain tires. Its wings clipped off long ago all that remains of the original design is the tailfin and the powerful engines that weigh down the rear of the plane. Even the cockpit of this once beautiful aircraft has been ravaged. The nose cone has been removed and replaced with a butchered London black cab, only the front half is welded to the fuselage the welds looking unclean and rusty. The ‘Taxi’ sign still feebly tries to light up. Wires and cables run across the exterior of the aircraft all heading towards the cab which somehow manages to drive this monstrosity where ever it needs to go. The windows of the fuselage have been blacked out allowing the occupant complete privacy. The door to the fuselage has been replaced with a large piece of corrugated metal that’s been welded in place. The only way in seems to be from the butchered taxi cab.

Dunno if anyone else will find this cool but I thought it was cool and wanted to share.

Writing is art whiteninja. its called the other art board for a reason! its awesome work! :D

Got inspired by a place I found today. Decided its my new favourite place in the dome and wrote up another description. Tried to draw and ended up with a mess of scribbles.

Sitting on the eastern edge of a dilapidated catwalk high above the streets and roofs of Red sector, his silhouette barely outlined by the work lights that hang from the wall behind him, a young man dangles his legs over the edge puffing on a cigarette. A dismal acid shower of rain falls from the false sky above. Out over the edge the entirety of southern central Red sector can be seen. Down below an express tube runs from the other side of the street heading off in a spiral towards Gold sector, to the right of which the steeple of a church can be seen jutting upwards. Far off behind the spire of the steeple, a tower stands high and proud, A red sign lighting up saying “ASHLIN CROWN MALLPLEX” The lights flicker and sparks fall from the bottom of the C and W showering the streets below. Far off on the opposite side of the dome a clock tower is just visible its hands pointing at the wrong time completely. The sky ahead is filled with aerodynes of all shapes and sizes. An ad blimp, noticing his presence flies up to greet the young man. The Cup-O-Joy ad playing on its side obscuring his view of the city.

:D Hope you enjoyed


I made a GRIT title card, and I'm kinda proud of it.

Desecrated eternalist lemniscate -My idea of the Eternalist symbol- With a fundamentalist christian cross behind it. Let's hope the image follows. Not self drawn just merged two images.

Why do you never follow images...Why

Here's the bloody link https://imgur.com/vL5trbg