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Plot partners
What do you look for in one?

For the times that you can't come up with a plot of your own, or you may be in between phases of a plot, the advice seems to be that a character should join in on someone else's plot. So, in generic terms, what are things that you look for in someone that you might be interested in using in a plot? What can someone do to make their character seem more attractive to get pulled into a plot by someone else?

Go out and RP, be a bystander then react to things that happen. Don't ever assume something that happens is 'someone elses plot' just treat it like a crazy random happenstance that appears before you, and it's up to you to decide how to react and how to involve yourself or not.

what if you're a corporate?

Same thing with Cerberus' comment. Shit happens topside too. Might not be obvious. Bombings, drama in bars, shows, events, jobs. Just gotta be out and RP, you'll stumble upon something. RP WITH PEOPLE!

It's the same thing if you're a corporate, it's not like things don't happen topside.

Pay attention to SIC and get some mates, keep your ear to the ground. There was a lot going on topside recently especially that lots of people were involved in, and it continues now.