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Review stats

Is there a way (other than @stats) to see a full list of your characters skills and stats, numerically (i.e., not "potent" or "useless" terms)?

Nope, we don't reveal that type of information in order to discourage cookie cutter builds and min/maxing.

Cool, understandable. I ask because there's one stat in particular I've been trying to build up. I've assigned probably 20 points in the past week but the term hasn't been updated. Curious how many points need to be assigned before the next "tick", if that makes sense.

Progress is on a curve and the amount it takes changes as you get further along.

Got it, thanks.

Every point you buy is effective, you don't have to wait for the word to change.

Also, other IC effects may have altered your stats. Drugs are the most obvious, but lots of other things are possible.

As bean_dip said, every point you apply is doing something. Stat / skill names apply to a numerical range.