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I read a big post with Admin and Megacop talking about reduction in NPC payout.

After reading that post, I had one question. What the hell is scavaging?

I looked over the skills available and the closest thing I could see to having a thing to do with Scavaging is trading, but that seems to reference the markets and the browse function of the markets.

Sometimes things become available at prices lower than others are willing to pay for it. And by 'lower' I mean found on a corpse or lost in some hidden corner of the city. Scavengers take advantage of this arbitrage opportunity by being bold in their acquisition strategies and selling on the margin. The 'trading' skill is entirely relevant here as it will directly impact said margin when working with some NPCs.

Ahh, I was thinking it was something akin to FORAGING in Armageddon and I was gonna be like WITHMORE RANGER!

Meh, guess it's not.

No, but it is an example of the 'create your own job' mentality that is required to get ahead of the coded glass ceiling.


Actually, "scavenger" refers to those NPCs who ask people to go get things and then give them money for the things they asked for.