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Spam in the game and gagging it.
The rule against no gagging is silly

You can make a million reasons why it's there, but that doesn't change the fact you're saying, "Hey fuck you player, we want you to be annoyed, it's part of the -experience- and if you don't like it leave." which is silly.

And honestly it's unenforceable, how are you going to tell if I have things gagged on my client, install cameras in my house?

I don't understand. If it's realistic, themely, and adds massive amounts of atmosphere, why is it then 'silly'?

If you're suspected that you're gagging it, all they have to do is wait for an ad to go through, and ask you which ad just played. If you didn't know the answer, boom, you're in the $void. I'm certain there isn't one thing in this game that can't be tested for. The ads you see aren't random events tailored only to your character.

Exactly, they aren't tailored to my character, so they don't matter to me or my character.

Ok. So they don't matter to you or your character.

Which is realistic, themely, and adds tons of atmosphere. So why is it silly?

Without really IC information...there's a lot of pertinent information disguised in those ads. There's also IC means of avoiding them.

This game has been here since 1994 and you have been here for what? Less than two days?

It takes a real special snowflake to think that they know better than everyone else.

Ahh, this is one of those things where people go. It's been here forever, it's perfect!

No! Not at all!

As I keep saying, it's themely, it's totally realistic, and it adds a ton of atmosphere.

It's there because it serves a very real and meaningful purpose. Have you discovered what that purpose is yet?

Can you elaborate on why something that is themely, adds athmosphere, and is entirely realistic is 'silly'? How would you go about replacing the VERY important function that it serves?

I will go ahead and assume that sometimes these things are used for plot devices...

Which is cool, I just am used to places with toggles or creating my own toggles.

I want to concentrate on my goals and my character, not a plethora of ads.

So I guess I'll end this debate with this. I still think they are stupid, but maybe I'll be surprised by some unintended use of these annoying ass features and then recant my statements.

It's much more than just 'plot devices'.

Which is why everyone's kinda railing on your here, because you're literally making assumptions as fast as we can correct them.

There's a reason why they're there. If you're annoyed, you can be sure years of players before you were annoyed too. But they're still there, so you can pretty safely assume there's a damn good reason for it.

Jago, I'm not saying you should leave if there's a thing you don't like about the game.

I'm saying you should leave if you can't stop being a hostile dick.

Cyberpunk cities are usually very ad-riddled. It's kind of part of the cyberpunk theme. They're meant to be annoying, in your face, and make you want to take that TV across the cube with an ad playing and chuck it at the blimp floating around showing the same ad playing.

It's fine if you want to voice your opinion here - that's what these boards are for - but you should appreciate the feedback and reasoning of those that have been here longer (and some -significantly- longer) than you. And maybe you're not into cyberpunk themed games after all. That's cool. Just depart gracefully.

I'm going to agree with Vetra. Please approach posting on the BGBB in a constructive, non inflammatory manner. If you're looking for a solution, you aren't going to find it by being rude or hostile.

Also, not only have an 'Ideas' section but we also have a game complaints section. Please review the sections and make future posts in that area.

You can also use the global search function at the top of every page to find other places where this was discussed in depth.


- S