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Spotify -- Sindome: Cyberpunk 2100
A Collaborative Spotify Playlist

What up bakalakas?

I've set up a collaborative spotify playlist that contains some of my favorite songs to Sindome to. I want to get everyones input and refine! I don't know what everyone listens to and I'm sure it also depends on the characters and sector you are playing in. Add in some of your favorites, reply with songs you think should be refined, move things around! Let's collaborate!


-- Slither

Aces mano, aces. I've been using the "Cyberpunk RPG" playlist for a while, but something unique to Sindome is aces.

do you guys ever put together playlists for your characters

here's lucky's playlist:


and here's lucky's just got dumped playlist:


spotify is stupid, if youre too cool for spotify i took screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/loQJY