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Connect to Sindome @ moo.sindome.org:5555 or just Play Now

Sunday October 29th -- MOO CleanUp Day
All admin staff will be involved, limited GMing


Running Sindome is great. But, there is a good amount of upkeep! There are tasks that the staff needs to do on an annual basis. These are things like reviewing our documentation, reviewing the wiki, pruning things that have built up too much at the market, triaging and reviewing all our bug reports, fixing typos, and many, many other things.

I've put together a document which details the stuff we need to knock out. And we've picked Sunday October 29th to all get on the MOO and work through these issues. It's an all day affair.

This post is to let you all know that there will be limited GMing taking place that day. We need the entire staff to be focused on checking items off the list. This is our 'spring cleaning', so to speak. So, for everyone out there, please don't schedule things for that day that will require GMs. Please don't request puppets that day. Please do us a favor and limit your attempts to speak with NPCs that day.

We may also request additional help on Fix-It, and have specific things that you as players, can do to help us clean up the MOO that day.

Questions? Suggestions?

-- S

Everyone describe in a gif what you think this will be like.



You might wish to change the welcome message (the angry yellow warning against sharing IC info) to reflect this information, during that day. Not everyone reads the forums.

Why not RampageMoo?

oh god i finally did it i posted a image wrong

Hope that works.


Do actual items in the MOO affect MOO server performance in this day and age? There could maybe be an IC event coinciding with this where recycling credit is increased to encourage city-wide clean up efforts. No idea if that's any kind of actual issue, though.

* The recycling credit is already overly generous. Sshhh. Don't tell Johnny.

* RampageMOO is a dead end. When it's over, we restore the database back to what it was right before we started Rampage. That would mean we have to make a backup, run rampage, have GMs and Admin monitoring for all the crazy issues that arise during a rampage, as well as booting up another copy of the DB, running that alongside the current DB, with another copy of the web client, all our databases, etc, so that we can actually do the work on MOO we want to accomplish. No go.

*Running an IC event means GMs, and GMs means less people to help with the 30 items on the list that are going to take us all day. I mean, one of them is going through and updating the Wiki. That's going to be a monster. Both because there is a lot of info there, a lot of info missing, and it's completely subjective!