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The IC World, RP and You

I've broached this subject before but it seems I have to once more, perhaps less kind language.

I posit the following:

-In-game, none of you are as smart or knowledgeable as you believe yourselves to be: a tonne more RP happens than what you see or what involves you directly.

Therefore, when you start speaking OOCly about this or that person's RP is poor or makes no sense you are coming off as an ignorant cock. If you're coming off as an ignorant cock, you probably are an ignorant cock and you should do your best to remedy either your ignorance or your cockness to the best of your ability. It'll serve you better in the long run than incestuous OOC whinging and also improve your fun and involvement in the world as well as position you better during IC future occurances.

For instance, instead of assuming this or that person is RPing poorly, you could ICly try to find out why they act like they do. An alien idea for some, but SD is a strange place where common sense is actually remarkably useful.

Of course, you may be allergic to RPing outside your clique, in which case I recommend a MUSH where you can pretend to be My Little Pony dragons and jerk off an arbitrary number of each others' twenty seven dicks while ignoring anything that doesn't fit in your little bubble of what should happen.

Thank you.


Stop bitching OOCly about shit you ain't know nuffin' bout like some punk ass bitch and handle dat shit IC, yo. Haters gon' hate.

Which MUSH is that, again? I mean, I'm so there...

...No, I'm *here*. I just Googled for "My Little Pony Dragon Jerk Off MUSH" and found... Sindome's Bubble Gum Bitch Boards! So I think I'll sign up and give it a try.


I applied for a Pokémon MUSH once, but was denied because the timeline in my history I submitted wasn't realistic in regards to the lifespan/cycle of a pikachu.

I decided to stick with Sindome.