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Town Hall June 18th 3PM DST
Be there!

This serves as your announcement that the town hall will be THIS Saturday, June 18th at 3PM DST.

You don't have to attend, but you should! If you are not attending but connected, you will be requested to stay in your cube / coffin as no RP will be happening during that time.

See the other town hall thread for posting your comments on what we should discuss!

-- S

Can we have a general idea of when that is for non dome residents ?

There is another thread which goes into great detail about what it is, as well as offering logs from all the previous ones, and basically 3 days worth of content you can review should you want to :)

You can also type town hall into the search box at the top of the page and get a ton of resources there.

Thats the what taken care of.

Can you give a general idea of WHEN for non dome residents. http://www.worldtimebuddy.com still doesn't recognize Dome Standard Time as an official time.

DST = Pacific Time