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Two thumbs-up

Two middle fingers-up.. I mean.. I just want to reveal what happened earlier today and say that its BS and I'm calling staff out on it. I don't want sympathy or any of that, I'm just laying down what happened.

Hiten (A Sinner) gets snatched by a Snake, I flee and get help from the Sinners. The Sinners keep walking down the streets as I bug them to aid Hiten, eventually I get a response five minutes later from admin puppeting the NPC, which is to tell me its too late because Hiten is dead. I say we should revenge it anyways, so me (Atreo - unnafiliated) and a few NPC's all embark for Fuller. Everyone goes at everyone, Zenigra goes for me and is getting fucked up, so are all the other Snakes, two Snakes go down, three, eventually all the Snakes are dead after 3-4 minutes of combat with Zenigra grappling me and Asong (A Sinner NPC) just standing there with the other almost perfect health Sinners. Apparently Cerberus was having trouble puppeting ten NPC's at once... Which is why he then continued puppeting the Snakes to all go into the clinic with Zenigra and me in his grasp and alllll get healed nice and perfectly by the NPC's and Constance (a PC) -before- Zenigra says they must all go and get the Sinners off their turf.. I know powergaming when I see it. Yours sincerely, Minum.