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Use of color in IC art
How should it be used best?

I keep hearing complaints about IC artwork hurting people's eyes because of the use of color. What is the best way to prevent such eye-hurting and the whining that comes with it? Is it okay to make art that's mostly green with a few colors thrown in? Should we only use colors when the artwork actually describes a color? All opinions welcome.

Ideally, the results of this post could be compiled and featured in a helpfile to help out future artists.

Maybe not too many colors of the palette being used?

Well... this is always going to be subjective.

I personally prefer tasteful and precision use of colour, but I mean, use your judgement.

Does it look like clown vomit? Then you may have gone overboard.

I don't use color tags in artwork at all. I find words are more than sufficient. I think they are fine in things like clothing since it can help keep description length in check, but with the ability to put a literal wall of text up for art, it's not needed.

Use a color wheel to plan out your IC paintings. It -will- be helpful.

Link to an online one where you can shift the colors around: https://color.adobe.com/create/color-wheel/

I'm not asking for hard and fast rules, for the record. I'm looking for suggestions and advice.

Also, I find things such as this website useful: http://ingridsundberg.com/2014/02/04/the-color-thesaurus/

I'm not sure what else to suggest. Personally, ANSI colors on what amounts to a terminal screen interface are always going to look disjointed. Not to say it can't be well done, but I've seen artwork that has looked like crayola vomit, and I don't think that criticism amounts to whining. I think that should you choose to use color tags, Supermarket's point of limiting palette choices is very on-point.

It's really hard to give solid advice; everyone's tastes and preferences differ wildly. Best rule of thumb with ANSI colors is to use them sparingly to draw the eye to highlight significant details, or in tasteful color schemes. Such as dark purples/dark grey, etc.

I've always hated color in long descriptions. Give me a paragraph or two (real paragraphs, not James Joyce) and maybe if you gotta, put a pop or two of color in to make certain things stand out.

The problem with gigantic clown vomit descriptions is that when people want me to look at art, shit is generally happening in the room that I have to respond to and I don't have time to read eight sentences before I have even the vaguest understanding of the composition of the piece. Same goes for clothing and nakeds. I generally try to at least gloss over someone's appearance even if it's fairly long so that I can describe them later or keep a picture in my head, but if it's so long that I can't do that, it's kind of unfair to me as a player. Especially if they're shooting at me or something.

Reference how I used color to make the Cultural Quarter gates stand-out as an appropriate way to use color to accent your art without being overbearing.

Ditto Vera

And yeah Cerb cultural quarters look just right.

If I did IC artwork I'd use color for entire paragraphs or sentences, definitely not for words which change it every single letter.