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Web Designers / Marketers
I'm looking for a few good chummers

So, I run a web development company. I have since 2007. I often find myself looking for freelancers / people I can trust to get the work down and I'd much rather give the work to a Sindomer than a non-Sindomer.

If you are familiar with any of the following, feel free to check out my website (www.stormcode.net) and grab my e-mail from the contact page (not posting it here so I don't get killed with spam) and send a breakdown of your skillset, rates, experience and I'll try to send work your way if things match up.

-Wordpress Theme Design <-- Currently a priority, usually smallish projects 3-10 hours, $150-300 per engagement

-Wordpress Plugin Development



-Zillow/Trulia API

-Graphic Design


-On-Site SEO

-Off-Site SEO

-Social Media Marketing

-Google Adwords

-Facebook Ads

-HTML / CSS (preferably CSS3 and HTML5)

Also interested in anyone who has skills marketing e-books (since I only have a limited time to market my own). You can also respond to this thread if ya want and I'll ping you.

Look forward to potentially doing some biz.



Would it be okay to forward a friend of mine to you? He doesn't play Sindome even though I've been trying to drag him into it (text-based games are not his thing really.) He's a pretty good website designer and is working on getting into marketing and stuff so this might help him out a lot.

Sure. I'm happy to see what he's got going on and if I can send him some work. I can be picky regarding who I work with though -- so no promises.

are you still looking for folks, Slither?

Sure am. Email me.