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What is Sindome to you?
One or two lines about what Sindome is.

Hey All -

I'm looking to get your perspective on what Sindome is. What does that mean? Well-- let me give you an example.

"Sindome is a world simulator that let's you polish your real life business and interaction skills in an environment that is real enough that your actions come with in character repercussions, while being safe enough out of character to feel comfortable taking risks."

"Sindome is a collection of cyberpunk enthusiasts that work together to collaboratively tell a story from many different view points."

"Sindome is one of the oldest, best known Cyberpunk RPGs on the net. It's an endless source of entertainment that never ceases to surprise me both in the kind of features and functionality it rolls out or already has, and in the nature of the roleplay put forth by the Staff and Players."

Please keep in mind that if you do respond to this thread I am going to take that as agreement that you are willing to have your words (and perhaps BGBB alias) presented on the website or on Sindome marketing materials.

Feel free to get creative with this but try to keep it 2-3 sentences max. One sentence that sums everything up is even better.

Thanks guys!

-- Slither

To paraphrase Gibson:

Sindome is a deranged experiment in social Darwinism performed by a bored researcher who has his thumb permanently jammed on the fast-forward button.

Sindome is the one place where I can feel like a tech master, a spy, a gangster, and a businessman all at the same time in a futuristic environment.

Sindome is a collaborative world-shaping experience which documents the rise and fall of, the trials and tribulations, the laughter and tears of a melting pot of characters from all mindsets and walks of life, written and played by a player-base just as varied. While their motivations and goals might clash with one another, often bloodily, all of these characters are one-and-the-same in that each and every one of them breathes life into our fictional, dystopian cyberpunk city of Withmore which we endearingly call 'The Dome'.

Sindome is the motherfuckin' God of text-based games that leaves a lot to be desired in others. I never touched another game since. This world is fuckin' aces, chummah! A sandbox for adults that keeps pulling me back.

Sindome is where i go to do everything wrong. I make mistakes there so i don't have to in real life.

Fleurtygirl: Your sentiments echo my own :) I've learned so much from Sindome. It's like I started playing Real Life on Easy mode.

Sindome is a Cyberpunk themed, text-based online game, where everyone you meet is a real person with real lives with real goals, just like you. You clash with others, work with others, laugh with others, love others, and enjoy watching the chaos unfold as everyone around you tries their damndest to get what they want or need, whether that's just a fistful of cash to pay their rent, or your dead body.

Sindome is a horrifying saga full of cyborgs, hackers and psychopaths being written in real-time by a mess of beautifully evil sonsofbitches. I laugh. I cry. I throw my keyboard out the window. Then I sign in again because I am a masochist like that.

A biiiiiiiiig time sink.

Really liking these guys! I want suh more ah you chummahs ta weigh in on dis shit.

Sindome is a frustrating, exciting, emotional rollercoaster with random injections of andrenaline to pump the pulse from your flatline. If none of that gets you going, we have knives, guns, and Judges, get creative.

Awesome. These are close to marketing material! Keep 'em coming. I want to hear from moarrrrr players.


I laugh. I cry. I throw my keyboard out the window. Then I sign in again because I am a masochist like that.


Sindome is the definitive proof that I don't need to (or rather, can't) study, and yet I pass exams :)