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Words of Wisdom(?)
But probably not.

One thing the game has taught me over and over again is to take things on the chin and keep rolling. Most of the time it pays off, and even more in ways I don't expect it. I know I forget it all the time, and reinforcing it has been a major part of helping me enjoy the game more.

Ultimately, it's about the experience, and not any outcome.

Barring my own quasi-poetic bullshit, do you all have any other trite little adages or platitudes that've helped you learn to enjoy Sindome more and/or understand the weird and wild experience that is life in the Dome?

For me, it's always been (simply):

Danger = RP = Fun

So yes, our beloved characters may be in danger, but what's the point of playing safe if you aren't going to have fun?

In SD:

Two wrongs make a right.

Sword is mightier than word.

When in Mix, do as Mixers.

Squeaky wheel gets hose.

Fortune favors tight and aggressive; think hard before move, move hard after think.

Man who live in glass house should change in basement.

Hope is for worst, preparation is for best.

OOC bonus:

A Skype for a Skype and everyone goes crazy.

sword is mightier than the word only if the word doesn't cut.

Be prepared to get punched in the face with your own feelings.

Do drugs, pussies.

"I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they've always worked for me." - Hunter S. Thompson

"Faster and faster, until the thrill of speed overcomes the fear of death." - Hunter S. Thompson

OOC WOW for older players: Don't be afraid of UE curves! Keep investing in the skills and stats you want to be really good at rather than spreading yourself out too much. Being highly specialized is often more marketable than being a jack of all trades. Why be decent when you can be the best?

Take fucking breaks.

(Especially if you have work and school. Those are more important and the shit from the game can bleed into RL & affect you which I've observed from other players via OOC as well as myself. Take breaks.

The game isn't going away anytime soon.)

(PS, Happy New Year too.)

-When you can't win, cut a deal.

-Like Slither says: if someone fucks you up with an ellaborate scheme, feel honored.

-Take a day or two off if you're starting to lose it.

-Savor the little things.