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Zero History
Gibson's new book drops tomorrow...

...so lets talk Gibson.

Thoughts on where he's gone with Pattern Recognition and Spook Country? Will you be getting Zero History tomorrow? Is he still relevant to a Sindome like world?

Video trailer/reading of Zero History by Bill G. himself

I didn't like Pattern Recognition that much, it was memorable, but seems like such a different genre then his past writings.  I wanna see some Dystopian Cyberpunk!

What's the new book about?  Is it the third in that series?

Spook country was very interesting but I only made it about halfway before getting distracted. Hard covers do that to me. It's the one about the GPS tracking and cargo crates right? A lot of intrigue there...more like the story had a food in the real world and the other in future/cutting edge technology and higher-level schemes. Not CP though in our typically expected way.

Guess a good take away would be how to take existing era tech (IC) and use it to make up crazy plots. We've had cloning debates, we've had cell phone tracing, we've had weather manipulation. What else?

I've already paid for, downloaded, and read the ebook.  Zero History pulls together characters and story arcs from the two preceding novels in an interesting way that, while divergent from Gibson's previous body of work, stands on its own and creates a well-polished book trilogy.  Personally, I liked it, but maybe that's because I've always liked Gibson's work whether or not it's in the vein of cyberpunk.  Nonetheless, Gibson's story revolves once again around fashion, socio-economic trends, the inscrutable omnipresence of Hubertus Bigend and Blue Ant, as well as the people tasked with (or rather influenced into) finding Blue Ant's next big thing.  I did find that some of the loose ends in the plot were a bit sloppily cleaned up with at least one glaring deuce ex machina moment thrown into the story, but overall Zero History is wholeheartedly in theme with Gibson's take on more modern-day fiction.  I think it'll be considered another of his love-it-or-hate-it works.

Just my two chyen.


Side note: Gibson in an interview once said that the future is too uncertain for him to continue writing near-future fiction that's set more than ten or twenty years out so for the foreseeable future he's sticking closer to home with current fiction or fiction that takes place in the recent past.