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Burn you later!


Okay I know I've already tried to force all of you to watch this on several occasions, but I feel like it definitely deserves its own topic.

Burn/N.E.N.E.R. is nothing less than the archetypal cyberpunk film of our generation, and it totals only five minutes in length. You would be doing yourself a great disservice by not watching this masterpiece.

After finally being forced into watching it, I have no regrets. Also, I am getting floppy hand tendrils installed soon. Thank you.

"This is perhaps the only science-fiction film that can be called transcendental." - Owen Gleiberman

"The film still represents the cutting edge of dark science fiction." - Colin Covert

"A motion picture masterpiece on the short list of Reasons Why This Medium is Worthwhile." - Rob Vaux

"It takes a particularly weird kind of sincerity to end a movie that has been for its entire running time an exploration of surfaces... with its most sublime and humane gesture." - Tim Brayton

"A dark, philosophical sci-fi drama for older teens." - Common Sense Media

"A quintessential film noir of the 1980s, much underestimated at the time of release." - Emanuel Levy

"Probably close to being on par with Fritz Lang's Metropolis in terms of grandeur -- although of a stunningly different and far more unsettling kind." - Ken Hanke

"The new version helped me see the soul because, ironically, this rendering is so much brighter. Noir or not, a film you can't see properly is a film you can't fully appreciate." - John Mac Eberheart

"Stylistically, Blade Runner is the Citizen Kane of sci-fi movies." - John J. Pu--

Oh wait, wrong movie.

I'm late to this, but Burn/N.E.N.E.R. is in actual fact, the only cypk movie. It is decided.