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Holidays in Cyberpunk
Any good examples of how they fit in?

I'll be honest, I'm not a Cyberpunk expert. I am fairly familiar with the genre and have read a variety of CP books but I don't think I've come across anything on this topic really. My gut feeling is that holidays would be have a different tone than they do in our lives.

Using Sindome as an example, I imagine that holidays for corpies would be more about one-upmanship, showing off and making passive-aggressive attacks against one's peers. For mixers they would either be largely ignored as it's hard to care about the new year when you're struggling just to survive (maslow's hierarchy of needs anyone?) or used as an excuse to escape reality for a little while with emphasis put on intense partying, drinking, drug use or similar borderline, self-destructive means of escape.

Either way the festive, good natured, love to the world and self reflective goodness we might be familiar with just doesn't feel right to me in a Cyberpunk setting. In the end though, I don't really have a good point of reference. Could anyone recommend and good books, shows or movies that give a cyberpunk take on holidays?

Vacations for a mixer would be to burn those ten kay you've been saving, half for endoprine and an cheap whore for a week inside the Canary. The other half for detox or a new clone.

Christmas could be whored out to corpies as some celebration of loyalty to the company or something maybe I dunno.