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CP Ghost Story, done in anime form

Kakurenbo is a 25-minute anime short done by Yamatoworks that won critical acclaim at several animation festivals.  The style is very CP, so I thought I'd link it up from YouTube.

The plotline is as follows:

Among the ruins of the city, there is a game only children can play. It is called �Otokoyo�; a game of hide-and-seek. But whenever children play this game, one by one they would disappear into the blinds of the buildings� The story begins when a boy enters the world of Otokoyo, to find his missing sister.



Bump diddy bump bump.

I think that link is dead. Reposting with fresh link for this.

English Dub, not subtitled.

Pretty good so far, I really enjoy the animation.

Watched it, pretty cool.

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