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Neuromancer Graphic Novel
Thanks to antonraubenweiss.com!

For those of you who might remember, Marvel in 1989 produced a Neuromancer graphic novel.  Thanks to the generosity of Anton Rauben Weiss, curator of the William Gibson Aleph, the graphic novel--though not legible--is available in its entirety here.

I can't wait to get home and change my screen resolution in hopes of being able to read that!

Holy shit!

That's my current professor here at VCU (Tom De Haven)!  I'm taking his graphic novel class!  He just mentioned this last night in class.


(Edited by Chaos at 7:29 am on Oct. 7, 2005)

Nem, if you could read it, I wouldn't post it here.  The MOO doesn't need a bunch of lawyers screaming infringement via one of those nasty takedown letters.  ;)

Just my two cents.


Well, might want to take it down, I can read it just fine.

My eyes are BLEEDING right now, but I read it all.

I shall bleed for the art reading of thou Neuromaner.

I've found one copy available from a retailer in Colorado.  I'll purchase it, then pass it around like a bottle of whiskey among the remaining erstwhile saiba-panku until hopefully, one day, someone in their right or wrong mind will send its shrivelled, tattered, fluid-soaked remains to the author himself, care of his most recent publisher.

Just remember kiddies, a graphical redux does not a novel make--or some b.s. like that.  Better to read the original manuscript than pull a 451--unless, of course you're reading it for the purest joy of being a Gibsonite.  


(Edited by Grim at 5:17 am on Oct. 9, 2005)