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Psycho Pass MOVIE
What is your Crime Coefficient?

Looks like subs for this have (finally) hit the interwebs. One of my favorite anime of the last few years.

Oh have they now?!?!?!!?!?!?!?!?! Excellent.... >:D

How does the movie compare to the series, in your opinion? Is it worth watching both, and if so, in what order?

I have not seen the movie yet but reviews have generally been favorable.

As for the anime, S1 is regarded as better than S2. By how much better S1 > S2 is a matter of personal opinion, and actually quite contentious. I found S1 superior to S2, yes, but S2 is still quite great and stands solidly on its own but for being in the shadow of S1 which is amazing.

For viewing order S1 --> S2 --> Movie

Season 2 was better. It's been decided.

Hey op wut sites?

Also s1 & s2 debate is a matter of personal preference. I adore both series but do prefer s1 mainly because i absolutely love the villain of it

@Cerb - Hot take alert!

@Lightbox - nyaa.se --> there are two by AnonSubs for some reason. looks like the most recent is the correct one

that was... really disappointing. I cannot even recommend people watch it unless you're very into the series.