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So, has anyone else read Tad Williams' Otherland series?
Seriously good CP literature.

So, I'm currently reading Tad William's Otherland Book 1: City of Golden Shadow.  It's an incredibly CP book that deals a -lot- with VR and simulated worlds, classism, multinational corporations, global conspiracies, and the like.  Has anyone else read this series, and if so, what did you think of it?

Ages ago. You'll enjoy the later volumes.

Hell, I'm enjoying -this- volume.  I'm at the point where Renie and her crew are making their way into Otherland when the shit hits.

Oh, the first volume is great. But it gets so much better. You don't see how it can, I understand that, but it does anyway.Tool

I've seen the audio books on torrent sites -- I'm going to have to check them out, been looking for a good CP read lately.

Tad Williams Otherland series was the first books I read as a teenager that got me into the CP theme. I didn't really touch the Genre again until I went into college and had a literature class where we spent the entire semester tearing apart sci-fi classics such as War of the Worlds, Does Andoirds Dream of Electronic Sheep (the book Blade Runner is based off of written by Phillip K. Dick), Left Hand of Darkness and I always forget what it's called by the very first cyberpunk themed book that told us all about mirrorshades and cybernetics was written in like the 50's or 60's.