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So, reading on the forums and asking around IC, it seems like theres a serious lack of interest from staff on the impact of biomods and cyberware in their game. And frankly, I just don't get it. The moment I heard about this game, I thought, "Wow, I get to play a badass cyborg in a Shadowrun-style world?" And it just doesn't seem to want to enter in that direction. Theres an arbitrary '20%' rule in place to prevent customization in excess, even purely cosmetic ones. And I get it, Shadowrun has systems like 'Essence' that depletes and themes of cyber-psychosis that make too much customization cost-prohibitive, but you CAN do it with enough time and money. But if my impression is right, staff seem to think that this clashes with the theme they want to portray?

Transhumanism seems... pretty central to the very concept of cyberpunk, to me. An owned world, bought and sold by major corporations, and a class divide that reaches to genetics, the upper class being inherently better and largely artificial, because they can afford it. And yet being able to produce Adam Jensen style arm blades, or just low-tech prosthetics is considered... anti-theme? I don't get it. And there seems to be a bit of hostility to even discussing it. Thought I'd bring it up, because if I don't ever get to become a badass cyborg, I'm not even really sure why I'm playing. Let me get my damn Cyber Samurai on.

If a cyberarm isn't the first thing you think of when you think... well... CYBERpunk, I'm not sure what the point of the game is.

You can absolutely cram as much chrome on as you want if you can find a doc to do it and the chrome exists(and full limb replacements exist).

You will absolutely have IC consequences for this.

You have the wrong impression.

Cybernetics are somewhat restricted because they are powerful and require stat investment, biomods are bound by the 20% rule because staff wants to encourage themely designs and not turn Withmore into a furry convention. Both can do a ton and are awesome. Transhumanism absolutely comes into play as people with mods and cyborg parts set themselves apart from the mere humans around them.

The 20% Rule applies to a single piece of cyberware, far as I am aware. If you have the chyen, will, and stats, feel free to get every damn piece of cyberware shoved into your meatsack as you want. Nothings stopping you but chyen/connections.

Like others have said, you're mixing up the 20% rule for biomods with cyberware. Biomodification is cosmetic genetic manipulation. It carries through clones and does not serve a function beyond cosmetic. Tails don't move, fur doesn't bristle, skin doesn't give off light.

Cyberware consists of components that are added to the body like limbs, or neural processors or nanobots.

What no one has said is, this is not Shadowrun. When I think cyberpunk, I don't think of wares. I think of corporate oppression and a seedy underbelly. If you are very new then you haven't learned much about wares. Arm blades aren't available but, there are other things available.

For the record there has been a cybernetic component added to biomodification in the last month, please see this http://www.sindome.org/bgbb/game-discussion/new-game-features/bio-modification-233/ for all tail moving questions and concerns to be answered.

Thanks, Crashdown. I'm not always up to date on the forums.

Thanks, Crashdown. I'm not always up to date on the forums.

Even in a cyberpunk world, not everyone would likely want to go full 'borg. There will always be those who push the absolute limits and beyond in pursuit of enhancement, but others will choose a more subtle path or perhaps even reject cybernetics all together. This would be much as the lore states that many Christians do not like the idea of cloning.

There's lots of flavors of cyberpunk. Sindome's flavor is very much focused on the corporate oppression, class struggle, city Noir, bad future flavor. The transhuman aspects are certainly there, but they're not as emphasized as much as something like Eclipse Phase. Eclipse Phase is awesome.

That being said, there is absolutely nothing stopping you from using full transhuman themes in your RP, nothing at all. And, aside from playing as a furry or something unthemely like that, staff will support you in doing so. You don't need an armblade to be a transhuman.

Did I get this right?

1. Bio-Mods and Cyberware are regulated in different ways.

2. Bio-Mods a restricted by the whole 20% and not functional rule.

2a. Unless combined with the the new cyber-wagger device.

3. Cybernetics are limited by PDS and not the 20% rule.

4. Nanogenics are considered cyberware?

If I'm even close I think my biggest confusion is what classifies as a Bio-Mod and what is considered Cyberware. Some things seem very clear (Chrome Eye) while others seem less clear (Muscle Graft). This can all be worked out IC though.

Also, if I am close to being right, there is nothing stopping OP from cybering their character as far as they can. They will just have to work with other characters ICly to determine how best to support all the systems they want to have and face the consequences of being all chromed up

Transhumanism is very much a thing.


To the best of my understanding, you are correct in all of those. Biomods are a genetic mutation, and generally just for cosmetics, outside of having the controller to wiggle ears or wag a tail, etc. Nanogenics are also a genetic mutation, but give a functional IC effect, such as the Muscle Graft.

Here is a story set in SD that involves someone pursuing heavy levels of chrome. Damned good read. http://www.sindome.org/stories/welcome-to-withmore/

Hey SD, would like to know what you think defines the somewhat transhumanist RazorGirl archetype (e.g. Molly Millions / Sally Shears / Motoko Kusagi / Ultraviolet).

I took a stab at compiling my own list, admittedly concepts were nabbed from a couple different websites + my own 2chy.

- We are not street samurai. We are not simple blades.
- The thing we are has been refined over time, a composite material formed under pressure. We attain this state through detachment from our physical self.
- We are SINLess, the razor made flesh. Our edges are functional. Nothing is extra. We are a tool which exists to cut through the soft things of the world.
- You know us. We are the faces you pass on the street. We wear mirrors against your world. We hate you, we suspect you, and we hold you in contempt. We might pity you.
Sentimentality is our only cause to connect, so if we socialize with you, it is likely because you remind us of someone.
- We work in close quarters, face to face, eye to eye, body against body.
- Pain is a service we offer you while you live. Granting you death at our hands is an expression of our most pure love.
- Flash chrome does not make us. It is our attitude, our mindset, our lens. Enhancements merely sharpen our edge; we are defined by exquisite intensity.