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A step closer to the matrix
Microsoft is integrating with your environment

Just push this to jack in to a deck and push the image to you cyber eye HUD and boom...


Life changing event.

Blending robots, holograms and programing...


Basically the apartment spaces from Psycho Pass where you have a room with a hologram skin that changes to your desires.

Check out the two person interaction (one person is instructing another "how to" from a tablet while seeing "from their point of view" of the recipient with the hololens. The recipient can see the instructor in a "window" they can pin or have move freely, while the instructor highlights actual objects in the recipients vision to complete the task).

Also a Mars 3D complete view and creating 3D objects for 3D printers...

I'm blown away by this.


Oh, a nice "Top 5" for these:


Porn clearly should be number 1.

@Ruscion - Thanks!

@karmaportrait - oh.... Psycho Pass. :)