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Blind See With Prosthetic Retina
Now, if only they included a digital time feed...

Blind See With Prosthetic Retina

An interesting read... and another two chyen in the bucket.


Thanks for the post, I forwarded it to my mom and grandma. (Granny has AMD)

Cyber eyes, here we come! (I'll take the infra red, ultra violet, gamma, visible light model with the 3.0 megepixel camera built in...no, I don't want a hard drive in my skull, have it dump to an external source with an internal flash ram storage for, oh, I dunno, 100 pictures. Yeah... really? well, for that price toss in the telephoto option...yeah... totally... nah, I don't need a macro option. Cool... thanks man, see ya on the flip side of the OR.)