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Exoskeleton Soldier
Hello Jakie


This is amazing stuff. Be sure to watch all the video's on the bottom. The first and last were my personal favorites.

LOL. We will never see these. Ever.

We still use the interceptor armor as opposed to Dragon skin becuase Interceptor armor is cheaper.

I dig the clock.

Guess what? Even more trys have been had at the newest and badast Exoskeloten suit.

A new exoskeloten suit has been made in tribute to the latest box office moive 'IRON MAN' It can fly(yet) says the article found in Popular Science. The new XOS(sound familiar?) is arguably the most advanced armour suit found made by Steve Jacobsen, along with the egineers at Scarcos and Raytheon.

Check out the Site!

WHAT THE FUCK! Its the same thing Ughnn POPSCI is SLOOOOOWWWWW!!!!! This is a brand new issue.

I loved that crotch watch. But what's really crazy is that his inspiration comes from Star Wars and Halo.

Yeah the problems with these armors is that there is SO much that it's broken easily.
And I heard the reason you guys use Interceptor armor still is cause Dragon Skin failed because of something really ridiculous. Can't remember what all of a sudden.