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Functionally immortal

The cloning system in Sindome has always, in my mind and possibly in the minds of others, always been the most outlandish element - where suspension of disbelief needs to kick into overdrive.

I mean, brain mapping? Recording someone's consciousness, storing it and then transplanting it into another waiting body? Pretty far fetched right?

Well, fuck you.


Might well be possible one day, but this guy is nothing more than a modern day snake-oil salesman at the moment.

He isn't a scientist, he's a media mogul who's created an entirely  fictional product, hired a bunch of science guys and targeted the richest people in the world to fund it. The current principle is, here's a roadmap of targets we have no plan for towards a final goal we have no proof is achievable. Smart way of funding research and pocketing a shit-load of profit, but pure quackery.

I like.