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Is that lint in your pocket?
Or a tag in your ear?


Locate your lost child by their underwear!
Is there anthrax in you meatloaf?
Store your families DNA in case the world explodes! (oh wait.. that's another story.)

The thought of some middle manager at walmart knowing what brand of underwear I�m wearing and tracking me as I wander around looking for fun-things-to-do-at-your-local-walmart is a tad creep inducing ( i think that qualifies for my understatement of the day.)

Security and privacy issues not withstanding. (Privacy? �What- privacy?)
Or the fact that the underwear tagging idea (or razor tagging or�etc.) had to be shelved due to consumers(tm) stopping and thinking about what opening such a pandora�s box really means.

I can't help but wonder about how easy it would be to "disable" such tags? You plunk your debit card (esso quickpass etc) on a magnet and voila, useless piece of plastic. These wee little tags don't seem to be any different, wouldn't even the smallest interference or electro magnetic radiation turn them into useless high tech lint?

Or is this something completely different.