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Mecha Madness
The things people do to  pick up chicks...

Interesting stuff.  Too bad I can't read Japanese.  I think somebody's played too much Mechwarrior.  Here's an mpeg for your viewing pleasure.  Not for the faint of bandwidth.


You're right, its made by some hobbyists who always dreamed of riding in the robots they played with as kids.

The thing has a 250cc engine and moves through a system of four pedals, movement is corrected by an onboard computer, and with two hands the pilot can manipulate two different types of guns that shoot cushiony air ball things. It moves at a rather disappointing 1.5 km per hour. On the right side is a 'Vulcan type' cannon and on the left is a 'Shotgun type'..both sides get six shots each. It's the only one currently in existence but its intended to show that robots like this can be made using existing technology... the makers hope that in the future there will be 'robot wars' (games).

It looks like a fucking smaller ATAT from Star Wars.  I can picture that shit walking down the street with Storm Troopers and Dark Jedi flanking it..

Dun dun dun, dun da dun, dun da dun.. DUN DUN DUN, DUN DA DUN, DUN DA DUN.

aww, i can't get the movie to work.  :(