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Metalgear and Lanserguns?
Oh boy soon we'll have C-Swat all around...

Internet browsing got me to this... Where can I get my STAG?

Stavatti Armament is designing new body armor for ground soldiers and pilots called Stavatti Tactical Armored Garment (STAG).

The STAG will be suitable for continuous wear within combat aircraft cockpits without hindering pilot flexibility or increasing workload. The STAG will feature an advanced, compact OBOGS, GPS/INS navigation, secure wireless and SATCOM communications and provide a stand alone HUD suitable for air-to-air and individual small arms ground combat alike.

They are also developing a new laser blaster called Tactical Infantry System-1 (TIS-1).

The TIS-1 is a revolutionary tactical weapon system for the individual combatant that will deliver a first round probability of hit using directed laser light as the lethal mechanism in selectable bursts from 1 to 170 shots per minute in excess of 60% at a range of 500 meters and 80% at 1500 meters.

A totally integrated, stand-alone personal tactical weapon system for the individual light fighter, the TIS-1 delivers a concise, directed lethal mechanism without dispersion or course deviation for over 1,500 meters. The TIS-1 is a weapon which delivers a lethal beam in the millisecond time-frame capable of penetrating medium material targets in all atmospheres and operational environments.

Jesus..  that's fucking insane.  Heheh.