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Networks as a storage medium

Here's a paper about using the internet as a storage medium.

No, I'm not talking about web servers on the internet. I'm talking about the network itself.

Basically you set up a channel for which packets which are broadcast are returned to their source (think IRC here: What you type eventually winds up on your screen in the channel your talking on).

Thus your able to put the data into the network, forget it, and retrieve it when it makes the round trip. It's not actually 'stored' anywhere retrieveable... it just uses the latency of the network to keep the data alive for a period of time.

There's even flags in TCP which he outlines which turn virtually any TCP stack running on any machine (windows and unix alike) into short-term data stores.

The whole thing is best compared to Juggling (as the paper points out): At any given time, you only hold some (or none) of the data, and some of the data is 'in the air'. If you just keep juggling the data, it can be 'stored' on the network itself.

Wild, huh?

Anyone ever read past the first book of Enders Game?

Remember how the AI came about in that?


Meh, too lazy to read the article right now.

But I loved Ender's Game.
A lot.
A lot a lot. Made my sister read it.
And then she got me hooked on Harry Potter, dammit.

Ooh! I finished reading Virtual Light, gonna go post about that....*skips off*

wouldn't that eat up precious bandwith? or at least be an insecure storage medium?  


I made no claims about the usability of it... it's realistically about as useful as RFC 1149.


You're kidding me right? Whenever the power goes out here, I just fall back to the avian carriers and can keep my net going. Sure latency is a bitch, but it's better than complete downtime.

Ender's game... what a great book. The series is damn good too.

The Homecoming Series is just as good. ;-)

Definately. The first book was a little hard to get into, but once I did, I didn't stop until I had read them all.

A very well thought out series.

(/me braces himself for the Robert Jordan comment onslaught.)


/me makes obvious generic comment about how Robert Jordan writes books needlessly long